Welcome to Amyra

We are AMYRA, a provider of innovative and meaningful people solutions based on a foundation of organizational behavior and psychology backed with real world work experiences; with an aim to help organizations consistently deliver wins and results. We enable you to unleash the potential of your human capital through our organisational development interventions; customized yet focused training and outdoor experiential learning solutions; psychometric assessments and coaching services.

Even though technology and rapid globalisation has permeated today’s corporate world in every way, it still hasn't replaced the human capital of any organisation. In fact, the key differentiator in an organisations ability to stay competitive and successful in today's environment is the quality of their human resources. Today, as organizations provide client-focused business solutions, the reality is that an individual is still an integral part of this interaction with clients and teams – from gathering needs to implementing solutions and all else that happens within.

We, at Amyra, understand this perfectly and focus on unleashing that intangible but existent potential of your human capital be it through interventions designed to change your team structures or put in place better performance management systems or even training your staff and leaders, with the very specific aim of getting the results you desire. A key focus of ours is performance and all our interventions are geared towards getting the most out of each individual and enabling translating potential into results. This is brought about by effective analysis, feedback and follow up strategies to enhance productive behavioural patterns at every stage of their career and life.

Amyra does not just deliver programs or conduct interventions, it endeavours to bring in better human understanding and hence better all-round development. We understand your needs and challenges and help your people develop the key skills and knowledge that we know will make a difference while at the same assisting you to put in place structures and systems that effectively channel that potential towards goals and results.

At Amyra, we combine the best of theory with practicalities that emerge from the ever changing real world to provide solutions that are implementable and result oriented. This unique blend allows us to understand our clients’ needs holistically (from both a human resource as well as an operations perspective) and provide solutions to fit your requirements and work within your organisational setup and that benefits the organization as a whole. As a result our clients see a measurable increase in employee performance, customer satisfaction and revenues. In short, we help organizations build more capability to perform at new levels of excellence.