Why Amyra

At Amyra we believe that the best coaches are those who understand not only the theory but also have the practical experience in the real world. With our extensive experience in the corporate world, in both operations and human development, Amyra’s coaches possess the unique combination of maturity, professional skills and human qualities required to help you excel. Whether you are a top decision-maker in an organization, an entrepreneur, a leader, or just a college youth looking for direction in your life; Amyra’s coaches can enable you to unleash your potential.

At Amyra, our coaches use the ‘appreciative approach’ in coaching which incorporates discovery-based inquiry, proactive (as opposed to reactive) ways of managing personal opportunities and challenges, constructive framing of observations and feedback in order to elicit the most positive responses from others, and envisioning success as contrasted with focusing on problems. This approach has been proven to be highly effective in goal oriented action.

Our coaching methodology draws heavily from proven psychological concepts, models and techniques as well as the latest management concepts and refined by the diverse work experience. Our coaches offer several additional resources in the form of relevant strategies, psychological assessments, action plans to support the individual’s development.

At Amyra, we offer a lot of flexibility in our coaching services. Coaching with us can be done either one to one or in a group coaching format and can be face to face; via the telephone or even virtually.