Outdoor Experiential Learning and Team Building Interventions

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford

Teamwork is the heart and soul of an organization. And it is the spirit of teamwork that breathes life and creativity leading to an increased level of productivity. We, at Amyra, strongly believe that a team that not just works, but also plays together, stays together. Research suggests that involvement in team sports or games helps build character, teaches strategic and analytical thinking, leadership and team building skills, goal setting and risk taking, apart from releasing pressure and tension in a healthy and controlled way. And so when it comes to team building intervention, we, at Amyra, combine games, activities & discussions seamlessly together to enable participants to learn, enjoy and above all, to create a powerful experience that results in a new level of teamwork awareness and organizational behaviour.

We aim at consistently helping participants gain immediate and powerful insight into their own and their team’s work styles and behavior through our outdoor experiential learning interventions. We empower people, through shared experiences of learning, discovery and laughter, to stretch boundaries, challenge assumptions and think differently. Our activities are designed keeping in mind specific learning objectives. Our qualified trainers ensure that 'Learning' by participants is reinforced through the post-exercise 'review / de-brief' conducted at the end of each exercise.

Our Team Building Events can be used for a variety of different purposes:
   •   Breaking the ice & shedding inhibitions
   •   Getting to know each other better
   •   Celebrating success
   •   Building team spirit and collaboration
   •   Driving up motivation and inspiration
   •   Solving specific team problems
   •   Uniting your work force
   •   Building high energy or reenergizing teams
   •   Fun and Laughter

In order to accommodate teams of all shapes, sizes and needs we have developed a large string of activities including team based energizers and telegames; creative theme based events using props; skill based events such as learning to cook or to do salsa; treasure or scavenger hunts; adventure based activities such as rock climbing, rappelling etc. for fun, motivation, energizing, bonding or serious facilitation.

Some of the important learning outcomes from our team building interventions are:-
   •   Understand how defined roles of individual team members contribute to the overall achievement of team & organizational goals.
   •   Appreciate the interdependence of team members in delivering quality service to their customers
   •   Understand the value of team work and explore different ways to build synergies and collaboration in the team
   •   Understand team dynamics and develop positive & impactful behaviours
   •   Increased communication insights gained within the team.
   •   Having fun together outside of the workplace, feeling valued and energised
   •   Improved communication leading to more trust, support and understanding for each other
   •   A platform for creative thinking and easier problem-solving in the future

Our team building initiatives range from short sessions that can be included in an already-scheduled conference or off-site to a dedicated, multiple-day event.

Do contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest how we can support you in your efforts to unleash the true potential of your teams.