Training Solutions

At Amyra, we believe in engaging with our clients as true ‘Learning Partners’ to bring the best out of their people.
We offer customized solutions that bring about positive and measurable changes in behaviour, attitudes and skills at all levels of an organisation. We even assist organisations in doing their Training Need Analysis. After conducting a thorough need assessment of an organisation or basis the requirement provided we design a training and develop content basis your unique requirements, team composition and even organisational culture or funtional requirements of a unit. We develop our content based on the diverse experience of our team backed by extensive research and deliver training in a fun, interactive and engaging way. Following up to ensure the ‘impact of training on the actual performance’ is what we take pride in.

Some of our most sought after progams are:


Manager to Coach
Manager to coach is an interactive training program that helps managers understand and develop the necessary skills to transform themselves, coach, empower and motivate staff and thereby maximize performance of their team members.

Step Up
This highly interactive program is ideal for newly promoted supervisors, managers and leaders at all levels to quickly gain traction; be effective in their new roles and help them achieve success. This program bridges the gap from a previous role to the new role that they are now expected to take on.

Execution Edge
This insightful program aims to bridge the execution gap by providing practical advice, tools and techniques to help managers and leaders focus on and improve their execution skills.


Teaming Up
Using a range of interventions from outbound experiential activities to psychometric team analysis, we enable participants to learn, enjoy and above all, to create a powerful experience that results in a new level of teamwork awareness and organizational behavior.

Communicating Effectively
This interactive program helps participants to improvise on their verbal and non -verbal communication skills as well as listen effectively with an objective to get their message across to customers and stakeholders in an impactful manner.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
This program offers a dynamic blend of instructor presentation, on-the-job application, and skill practice aimed at enhancing practical decision-making skills for managers and executives using critical thinking and creative problem-solving techniques.

Managing Conflicts
This interactive workshop is for anyone who is ready to re-think their approach to conflict and introduces practical processes and develops skills that can be used to manage conflict effectively in one’s personal and professional life.

Delighting Your Customers
This program is for all customer-facing staff to enable them to deliver service that creates the “Wow-factor” and leads to customer delight rather than mere satisfaction.

Making Every Second Count
This program is packed with effective tools and techniques to enable participants to learn how to effectively manage their time; organize and prioritize thus resulting in them becoming more productive and less busy.

Best Foot Forward!
This hands-on program takes on a holistic approach to creating a lasting positive impression by providing the knowledge and techniques in grooming, personal branding, dressing for success and business etiquette.

Do contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest how we can support you in your efforts to unleash the true potential of your teams.