Shaping the future - Guiding our youth for entrepreneurship.

Every year we have a fresh pool of young minds graduating, all ready to explore the world of opportunities that await them and to brace themselves for the challenges which will come along with these opportunities. It is important for our youth to break the traditional mould of being just job seekers aspiring for successful careers and to explore the possibility of being job creators, thus creating successful business ventures and employing thousands more.

We need to give our youth of today an opportunity to truly be in charge of their lives by developing a spirit of entrepreneurship. Encouraging entrepreneurship within our children can teach them to be self-sufficient, become an effective leader, make sound decisions and more importantly, instill confidence in their ideas and a burning desire to succeed in spite of all odds. Our youth should be encouraged to pick up relevant work experience through summer jobs, internships or apprenticeship programmes and save the income earned as an investment in their business venture.

Entrepreneurship need not require only borrowed capital and money. In fact, the basis of an entrepreneurial mindset is self-sufficiency. Once our youth have invested time, effort, and their own money into their business startup, they are more likely to see it through and become successful business owners. Our youth should not be afraid to make mistakes. They will learn each step of the way and tweak their business until it becomes profitable. It is only when our youth embrace failure as a learning experience; a stepping stone towards success, will they then begin to see opporutniites instead of obstacles. Success will naturally follow.

The key to encouraging entrepreneurship within our youth can be summarized as follows:
- dare to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams
- accept failure as a stepping stone to success and to keep improving
- learn to take calculated risks
- be innovative to stay ahead of competition
- and never ever give up on oneself

The key to success in business is to that our youth must be resilient through these experiences and keep moving forward toward their dreams. We need to keep motivating them, encouraging them to see through the tough times. After all, it is only under extreme pressure that a piece of coal gets transformed into a sparkling diamond. Let us be realistic about the challenges of entrepreneurship, allow our youth to follow their passions and adequately prepare them for living up to their full potential. So let us join hands with our youth and be the wind beneath their wings.